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The Myth of Green HPC

Old servers in an overgrown dark room

Today, we are learning more and more about sustainability, and how this concept is one of the most important when protecting the environment. Often being broken into three core concepts: economic, environmental, and social, more sustainability conversations are being created. Whether it’s in the context of how we go about our everyday lives to what changes … Read more

Tips For Cloud Deployment 

Cloud illustration on top of a city

Streamlining Your Cloud HPC Journey  Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of being involved in several Cloud High-Performance Computer (HPC) cluster deployments. Despite the great variation in designs, which highlights the great flexibility on the Cloud, I have noticed some common roadblocks along the way.   These roadblocks can in the best … Read more

Diving into Efficiency


The Rise of Warm Water Cooling in Data Centre’s Four months into my new Role at Red Oak Consulting, I have an opportunity to further research liquid cooling. While one of my favourite activities is liquid cooling of the IPA (Indian Pale Ale) kind, a Red Oak blog about beer apparently wasn’t OK! Therefore, I … Read more

What happens to your IT practices when you spin up an HPC cluster, in an hour?

    Red Oak Consulting successfully held its latest HPC in the Cloud webinar on 8th December 2021.  Held, in partnership with Microsoft and Intel we talked about the ease of spinning up an HPC cluster, in the cloud. and the implications to your IT practices.   Pictured below are a few captions from the webinar … Read more

Red Oak Consulting at SC17

For those of us who are also delivering content at SC17, we’ve already been busy with the business of submitting slides to the selection committees and generally ensuring that things will run as smoothly as they can, given the general mayhem levels that ensue during show week! Tutorials and Panel sessions As usual there’s lots … Read more

Will the public cloud critically wound the top tier HPC market and their customers?

Much of the current HPC community is behaving, excuse the gross stereotyping, a little like a dinosaur, wondering what that large red fireball in the sky is. Why? Look at the steady growth of public cloud adoption. Now consider the inevitable improvement in technical capabilities and the volume pricing that large cloud vendors can offer, … Read more