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Shaping Tomorrow with High-Performance Computing Services

The experts at Red Oak Consulting can guide you through all stages of the HPC project lifecycle

Consulting Services

We offer professional, independent, expert advice, in both HPC and Cloud Computing. This covers strategy and planning, procurement, implementation and ongoing expansion and optimisation.

Managed Services

Our expert advice and high-quality delivery continues to be the linchpin of success for organisations in the UK and overseas. Our team of ITIL-certified experts provide proactive solutions, mitigating risks and technical issues.

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Providing HPC Consultancy
to private & public sector organisations for over 20 years

Since 2004, Red Oak Consulting has been guiding companies through the complexities of High-Performance Computing. Our objective is to deliver high quality, fast, effective, long-term HPC solutions for our customers.

Our Core Services

Strategy & Planning

Develop an HPC strategy that meets the current and future needs of all users and includes securing funding for a sustainable solution.


Managing the complex process of HPC technical specifications, as in-depth as required, to deliver the right solution, on time and in budget.


Reduce downtime, mitigate risk, improve performance and ensure reliability to enhance business productivity.


Expansion & Optimisation

Understand your workflows, the ratio of computational intensity vs data intensity, test performance, speed, agility, whilst analysing all HPC costs to understand its true value.

Maintenance & Support

Boost productivity with our HPC Cloud Computing services, including expert support, system management and research engineering.

Cloud Consultancy

Understand the value of cloud computing for both businesses and users through enhanced capability, workload optimisation, and increased productivity.

Within the above core service areas, we have some key areas of focus including:

HPC Benchmarking

Whether you’re exploring cloud technology or undergoing a procurement process, rigorous benchmarking is essential for making informed decisions.

HPC in the Cloud

As certified Cloud Solutions Architects with proficiency in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud, we can help you navigate and implement the optimal Cloud Computing infrastructure.

HPC On-Premises

HPC solution’s vary according to each unique customer. We will assist in maximising your On-Premises service to maintain performance, deliver stability and improve functionality for both user and the overall business objectives.


Using our proprietary TCO modelling tool, we can help you calculate the true cost of HPC solutions, whether on-premise, in the Cloud or as a Hybrid model.

Why organisations choose Red Oak Consulting

With unparalleled experience in deploying major, multi-million-pound systems in the UK and internationally, Red Oak Consulting stands as a leader in the field. 

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High-Performance Computing projects delivered

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HPC projects delivered on time

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HPC procurements ranging from £100K to £500 million

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Proven track record of customer satisfaction

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HPC in the Cloud projects

Through our expert knowledge and unrivalled skill we are committed to delivering best-in-class HPC solutions across all industry sectors, UK and internationally.

Red Oak Consulting have been vital to solving some of our most complex challenges. Their extremely capable staff bring an unmatched breadth of experience across the Cloud and HPC landscape and seamlessly worked as part of the Met Office team. Red Oak has shaped and influenced our strategic outlook, and enabled us to be prepared for significant changes in how the Met Office delivers its HPC.”

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 Met Office

Red Oak’s expert knowledge of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, as well as their expertise in HPC and specific choice of VMs, enabled us to successfully transition all our On-Premises HPC workflows to the Cloud. The use of CycleCloud, to implement our batch files dependent workflows was particularly valuable.”

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Renewable Energy Systems

HPC Solutions for a Range of Sectors



HPC empowers aerospace engineers to tackle complex challenges through advanced simulations and data analysis.

Sports car


Drive innovation within the automotive space using HPC to run durability tests at scale, simulate complex environments & streamline design workflows.

Chemical flasks

Chemical Research

Unlock new frontiers in chemical research by using HPC to improve modelling, predictions and simulations.

Solar farm

Energy & Utilities

HPC is helping drive innovation across the sector including: Smart Grid Management, Demand Forecasting & Energy Storage Optimisation.

Engineers interacting with holographic engine


Boost simulation and modelling capabilities to accelerate design cycles and bring products to market at speed.

Surgeons performing surgery

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Advance medical science, reduce research timelines, and accelerate breakthroughs by leveraging the power and speed of HPC.

People around a table

Higher Education

Drive groundbreaking research and elevate your academic standing through strategic High-Performance Computing implementation.

Manufacturing arm


Scale up complex processes, accelerate simulations and streamline design reviews using HPC.

Cargo ship


HPC can advance computational fluid dynamic simulations, enabling the optimisation of ship hull designs, propulsion systems, and real-time data analytics for maritime operations.

Weather satellite


Improve forecasting and modelling across a range of applications from air quality to climate projections.

Presentation in government building

Public Sector & Government

Drive advancements in healthcare, education and other core service areas by accelerating research and development processes with HPC.

Why RedOak

Why Red Oak Consulting?

Consulting Services:

  • Expertise: Combined team experience of 150+ years in the provision of HPC and Cloud Computing solutions.
  • Proven Track Record: With a portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for HPC consultancy across all industry sectors.
  • Credentials: All our consultants are fully certified and accredited experts in the world of Cloud Computing supported by our business being ISO9001 / 27001 accredited.
  • Industry Expertise: Our consultants hold a diverse skillset of expertise which has been acquired overtime across all industry sectors.
  • Technical Skill: Unrivalled knowledge of all HPC applications and workloads including the niche skill of computational research, researcher engagement, Research Software Engineering, and Cloud/ DevOps Engineering.
  • Holistic Approach: Our consultants deliver client-specific solutions for the entire life span of HPC, which include all functional and non-functional aspects of HPC, guaranteeing the successful implementation of an integrated HPC solution.
  • Sustainability: Leaders in delivering sustainable HPC projects that reduce your carbon footprint and save on costs.

Managed Services


Customers can choose from a range of support packages including:  

  • Initial setup including configuration of HPC workloads in the cloud.
  • Installation support including Cloud Cluster Creation and Data Migration. 
  • Reporting and Analysis: Monthly KPI reporting including cost and usage analysis. 
  • Proactive User Support: Access to a highly skilled HPC technical support team for on-going user maintenance and incident management.
  • Training: Access to our online self-help knowledge base and individual or group training from our team of experts. 
  • Application Analysis: Our experts analyse workloads and applications, completing a series of benchmarking activities, to deliver cost optimisation.
  • Specialist Support: Extensive experience of computational research, researcher engagement, Research Software Engineering and Cloud/ DevOps Engineering.
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Case Studies

We have helped hundreds of organisations get the very best from their HPC solutions. Read our case studies to find out more. 

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Latest News

Discover how Red Oak Consulting can help your organisation get the very best from High-Performance Computing and Cloud Computing

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Get in touch with our team of HPC experts to find out how we can help you with your HPC & Cloud Computing requirements across:

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  • Procurement
  • Implementation
  • Expansion & Optimisation
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Research Computing

Call us on
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Experts available:
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