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HPC Architecture Design for Unparalleled Performance

Having the right HPC architecture is crucial in making sure the HPC solution meets demand. Our team of experts will help design the optimum architecture to deliver a robust and sustainable HPC solution to meet the needs of your business. This includes:

  • Architecture Design: Parallel Computing across multiple architectures, cluster computing, grid and distributed computing 
  • Storage Option: On-premise, cloud or hybrid 
  • Software Design: Implementing a reliable and repeatable software stack for a multitude of HPC applications, using CI/CD tools to ensure change is controlled. 
  • Components: Examples Include: Data Management Software, GPU-Accelerated systems, remote visualisation nodes, advanced security 
  • Compute: Selecting Hardware optimised for your workflows and finding the balance needed for a well run and sustainable HPC service 
  • Network: for optimal performance 
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Owen Thomas is respected and established in the HPC Ecosystem. Having known and collaborated with him for many years, I am fully convinced of his HPC expertise. I continue to be impressed by his willingness to support others in building business and R&D relationships.”

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It has been a pleasure working with Red Oak. They are experts in the field HPC and consummate professionals too. They have won the trust of key stakeholders by providing quality deliverables which showcase their knowledge and experience.”

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The Benefits of a Well-Designed HPC System:

  • Reduced Costs: A well-designed HPC system avoids unnecessary hardware or functionalities, minimising initial investment and ongoing operational expenses. 
  • Enhanced User Satisfaction: A system tailored to your specific needs ensures smooth operation and high performance, leading to increased user satisfaction and productivity. 
  • Improved Reputation: An HPC solution that effectively addresses your research or computing needs strengthens your reputation for innovation and efficiency. 

Explore Our Range of HPC Consultancy Services

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Strategy & Planning

Develop an HPC strategy that meets the current and future needs of all users and includes securing funding for a sustainable solution.

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Managing the complex process of HPC technical specifications, as in-depth as required, to deliver the right solution, on time and in budget.

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Reduce downtime, mitigate risk, improve performance and ensure reliability to enhance business productivity.

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Expansion & Optimisation

Understand your workflows, the ratio of computational intensity vs data intensity, test performance, speed, agility, whilst analysing all HPC costs to understand its true value.

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Maintenance & Support

Boost productivity with our HPC Cloud Computing services, including expert support, system management and research engineering.

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Cloud Consultancy

Understand the value of cloud computing for both businesses and users through enhanced capability, workload optimisation, and increased productivity.

With ever-evolving technologies and countless choices available, navigating the world of HPC can be overwhelming. Red Oak Consulting acts as your trusted guide, ensuring you make informed decisions for a stronger future.

With unparalleled experience in deploying major, multi-million-pound systems in the UK and internationally, Red Oak Consulting stands as a leader in the field.

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