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Unlock the Power of High-Performance Computing for Breakthrough Discoveries

With a professional background in Computational Chemistry our HPC experts can help you maximise the technology behind the research to drive accelerated innovation through their unrivalled skill of both HPC and scientific computing. 

Accelerate Innovation in Chemical Research with HPC Expertise

With our guidance, you can propel your research forward at an unprecedented pace. Harnessing the capabilities of high-performance computing, enables you to run complex simulations and computations with minimal limitations. This opens up new horizons for your research, allowing for greater complexity in calculations and modelling while significantly reducing the time to achieve your goals. 

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Unlocking New Frontiers in Chemical Research

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Physical Simulations and Beyond

Utilise HPC for a wide range of computational tasks, including quantum mechanics, weather forecasting, climate research, oil and gas exploration, and various physical simulations that provide valuable insights into past, present, and future phenomena.


Quantum Chemistry Simulations

Gain deeper understanding of chemical reactions, electronic structures, and molecular properties through faster large-scale simulations.

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Drug Discovery & Biomedical Research

Accelerate drug development by simulating potential drug candidates and analysing vast quantities of biomedical data to improve patient outcomes.



Track the movement of molecules within materials over time, providing fundamental insights into materials at the atomic level. 

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Materials Science & Functional Materials

Model and predict properties of materials, leading to the discovery and design of new functional materials with specific functionalities. 

Benefits of Utilising HPC in Chemical Research:

Faster Drug Discovery

Reduce the time it takes to identify promising drug candidates through faster simulations and in silico testing.

Increased Research Productivity

Reduce overall research timelines by accelerating data analysis and allowing for more comprehensive simulations.

Improved Reaction Optimisation

Gain deeper understanding of complex chemical reactions with advanced modelling, leading to more efficient and sustainable processes.

Enhanced Material Design

Develop new materials with desired properties by virtually exploring material structures at the atomic level.

Drug Discovery and Biomedical Research

Accelerate drug development and improve patient quality of life by exploring extensive chemical space through simulations of potential drug candidates.

Why Choose Red Oak Consulting for Your Chemical Research Needs?

We worked closely with Red Oak during our first steps in our Cloud-HPC journey at Johnson Matthey. Starting from our proof-of concept evaluating the offering of Cloud providers to the Pilot phase and roll-out, Red Oak worked with JM to navigate technical challenges and deliver a solution with Microsoft Azure that now enables our scientist to leverage HPC and simulate sustainable materials for the future.”

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Johnson Matthey

Explore Our Range of HPC Consultancy Services

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Strategy & Planning

Develop an HPC strategy that meets the current and future needs of all users and includes securing funding for a sustainable solution.

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Managing the complex process of HPC technical specifications, as in-depth as required, to deliver the right solution, on time and in budget.

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Reduce downtime, mitigate risk, improve performance and ensure reliability to enhance business productivity.

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Expansion & Optimisation

Understand your workflows, the ratio of computational intensity vs data intensity, test performance, speed, agility, whilst analysing all HPC costs to understand its true value.

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Maintenance & Support

Boost productivity with our HPC Cloud Computing services, including expert support, system management and research engineering.

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Cloud Consultancy

Understand the value of cloud computing for both businesses and users through enhanced capability, workload optimisation, and increased productivity.

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