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Cloud Computing Consultancy

Cloud Computing expertise to identify the suitability of your HPC applications in the cloud. Our team work to ensure the right HPC solution is delivered to meet business objectives.

As certified Cloud Solutions Architects with proficiency in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud, we can help you:  

  • Assess your readiness for Cloud Computing 
  • Assist you in understanding the data gravity of your workloads 
  • Identify the best storage options 
  • Support in redefining security and policies when migrating to cloud computing 
  • Design, Create and Implement POC’s through to full cloud computing migration 
  • Benchmark and analyse usage for greater optimisation 
  • Choose the right cloud provider(s) for your needs 
  • Work with your users to ensure the full capture of Requirements across your business whilst elevating any concerns or uncertainty. 

To help you understand whether the cloud is suitable for your workloads, we offer a Cloud Computing Taster. 

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We worked closely with Red Oak during our first steps in our cloud-HPC journey at Johnson Matthey. Starting from our proof-of concept evaluating the offering of cloud providers to the Pilot phase and roll-out, Red Oak worked with JM to navigate technical challenges and deliver a solution with Microsoft Azure that now enables our scientist to leverage HPC and simulate sustainable materials for the future.”

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Johnson Matthey

Red Oak’s expert knowledge of the Microsoft Azure Ecosystem, as well as their expertise in HPC and specific choice of VMs, enabled us to successfully transition all our on-premises HPC workflows to the cloud. The use of CycleCloud, to implement our batch files dependent workflows was particularly valuable.”

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Renewable Energy Systems

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HPC vs On-Prem vs Cloud

Our HPC experts can complete a series of tasks which will determine the most efficient source to place your HPC workloads: on-premises, cloud or a hybrid of both. 

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Cloud Taster

Ready to delve into the power of cloud? Experience the benefits of Microsoft Azure for your HPC workloads firsthand with our risk-free trial.

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

For years, HPC has traditionally been an on-premises affair. Many focus on the upfront costs, neglecting the broader picture. Prioritising the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is essential for informed decision-making. 

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Dedicated HPC and Cloud specialists delivering cost -effective solutions to all our customers providing sustainability for a stronger future.

Our proven track record is based on assisting numerous organisations across all business sectors to navigate the intricacies of Cloud Computing and its potential added value.

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HPC in the Cloud Projects


Cloud providers provide policy templating and backup solutions with this requirement in mind. Policy templating can, for example, ensure that only business approved VM SKUs can be deployed or only specific VM images can be deployed (this may be to ensure a specific operating system). Non-compliance can be queried regularly. Backup solutions offer snapshotting and backup scheduling features.

Native and various third party monitoring solutions are available on the cloud. Native solutions often allow data to be fed into third party solutions to fulfil your business requirements. They also allow the setup of custom logging features to, for example, monitor disk space usage on a specific disk on your HPC cluster. With some forethoughts, the monitoring of Spot VM evictions is also possible to give due notice to HPC cluster users.

Similarly, native cost management features can give detailed, resource by resource cost breakdowns over periods of time with the ability to limit costs by setting budgets and budget warnings. 

If a full migration to the cloud is not required, use cases such as expanding your storage space or implementing a HPC queue which allows bursting on to the cloud is certainly possible. This is particularly useful for getting rapid access to extra capacity or the latest technologies. In addition, on-premises service providers may offer discounts on cloud services.

Many third parties already offer cloud enabled solutions and it’s worth inquiring about this. Furthermore, some providers have partnered with cloud providers to enable a SaaS or PaaS equivalent.


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