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HPC & Cloud Video Tutorials

We have developed a series of HPC and Cloud Computing tutorials to support our customers, colleagues and partners. This evolving platform is designed to disseminate our knowledge through a series of informative HPC videos.

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Benchmarking & Analysis

Deploying, Benchmarking
& Visualisiing Workflows

Nick Skingle, Managing Consultant, provides his expertise focused on deploying HPC resources using an Azure DevOps.

Using ReFrame to Run
& Benchmark Workflows

Manveer Munde, Principal Consultant, discusses using ReFrame to benchmark OpenFoam and ANSYS LS-DYNA workflows.

Visualising CFD
& FEA Workflow Results

James Page, Technical Consultant, will demonstrate visualising the output of the OpenFOAM and LS-DYNA benchmarks on remote desktop

Setup & Deployment on Microsoft Azure

This three-part tutorial lead by Senior Consultant Manveer Munde, focuses on how to deploy an HPC environment on Microsoft Azure using the Azure CycleCloud HPC management and orchestration service.

This allows users with even basic Azure knowledge to quickly deploy an initial SLURM scheduler-based HPC environment and gain some initial usage experience.

Part 1

Deploying the necessary infrastructure using the Azure Portal to run Azure CycleCloud (Azure’s HPC orchestration solution).

Part 2

Using ReFrame to benchmark OpenFoam and ANSYS LS-DYNA workflows.

Part 3

Demonstrating an Azure CycleCloud HPC cluster in action

For more in-depth information on the topics discussed, we have a series of supporting whitepapers.

Meet the Consultants

Our tutorial series are developed by our team of in-house consultants. Get to know the team on the videos below. 

Owen & Richard






Khaled & Roberto

Samiul & Muneeb


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