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Unleashing Research Potential: How HPC Can Supercharge Your Discoveries

In today's data-driven world, researchers across diverse fields are pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) has emerged as a transformative tool, enabling researchers to tackle complex problems and accelerate the pace of discovery.

Research Microsocope

How HPC can revolutionise research

Simulate Complex Systems:

HPC allows researchers to run complex simulations that model biological processes at the molecular level. For example, molecular dynamics simulations can help understand how drugs interact with their target molecules, providing insights into drug efficacy and potential side effects.

Analyse Massive Datasets

Modern research often involves vast amounts of data. HPC provides the computational muscle to analyse these datasets efficiently, uncovering hidden patterns and relationships.

Accelerate Drug Discovery

HPC empowers researchers to perform faster and more comprehensive drug simulations, leading to quicker development of lifesaving treatments.

Accelerated Data Processing

Medical research generates vast amounts of data, including genetic sequences, imaging data, patient records, and clinical trial results. HPC provides the computational muscle to analyse these datasets efficiently, uncovering hidden patterns and relationships.

Virtual Screening and Drug Design

HPC enables virtual screening of large compound libraries to identify potential drug candidates. Researchers can identify compounds for further experimentation by simulating the interaction between small molecules and biological target. This in turn can help accelerate drug discovery.

Personalised Medicine:

Personalised treatment can be developed by using HPC to analyse large-scale genomic data for genetic variations associated with various diseases and drug responses.

Drug Repurposing

HPC can be used to identify new ways existing drugs can be used or adapted for other diseases. By analysing large databases of drug compounds and their biological effects, researchers can identify potential candidates for further investigation, saving time and resources developing new drugs from scratch.

Biomedical Imaging Analysis

Advanced image processing of MRI, CT and PET Scans can accelerate or help facilitate the identification of biomarkers, the detection of diseases at earlier stages, and the monitoring of disease progression and treatment response.

Collaborative Research

Improved collaboration between research institutions and geographies can be achieved by enabling data sharing and analysis using HPC systems.

In today’s research landscape, High-Performance Computing (HPC) is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. It empowers scientists to tackle complex problems, analyse vast datasets and simulate intricate systems – all at unprecedented speeds. By harnessing the power of HPC, researchers can make significant advancements in fields like genomics, climate modelling and drug discovery. Unlike traditional computing methods, HPC’s unparalleled processing powers allows for deeper insights and faster results, providing a critical edge in solving the most challenging scientific questions. HPC is the engine that is propelling us towards a future brimming with scientific breakthroughs.”

Owen Thomas,
Senior Partner, Red Oak Consulting

Accelerating Data Processing for the University of Hull

University of Hull Logo in Black

The University of Hull sought an HPC solution to maximise on its potential for research advancement. Graeme Murphy, Head of Research and Enterprise for ICT at Hull, engaged Red Oak Consulting to ensure the technical proficiency, risk mitigation, and future-proofing of their HPC investment.

The results:  

  • Within its first month of operation, the HPC ran over 100,000 jobs and provided 1.25 million hours of processing for research at Hull 
  • His team anticipated a solution that provided 1500 CPUs, but Red Oak’s work delivered 5500 CPUs, providing a ‘solution plus’ for Hull. 


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