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Since 2004, Red Oak Consulting has been guiding companies through the complexities of High-Performance Computing.  Our objective is to deliver high quality, fast, effective, long-term HPC solutions for all our customers.  No matter what the situation, our infrastructure guarantees agility and a proactiveness which is applied to all projects.  Our team will provide knowledge and expertise in a trustworthy, credible environment to ensure all your HPC requirements are delivered on time and in budget.

We are a business which was created to focus solely on HPC.  To understand its intricacies, its challenges, and above all, to overcome any obstacle this technology may demonstrate.  Now with the emerging technology of running HPC in the Cloud, our focus is to embrace everything the cloud has to offer HPC.  We offer professional, independent, expert advice, in both HPC and Cloud Computing.  Our skill and knowledge remain universally unrivalled.

Supporting customers both in the UK and across the globe, we lead the way in innovation and sustainability.  Whatever your industry we are a business you can trust and rely on.  Our commitment is we will always put the customer first.

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HPC Services

Getting the very best from HPC. On-Premise or Cloud, understanding capability and differences making HPC work for you.

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Cost of Ownership

Analysis of all HPC costs to understand its true value. Compare HPC solutions On-Premise Vs Cloud.

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Cloud Services

Our expert guidance covers all areas of cloud migration, deployment, external cloud utilisation, strategy and hybrid cloud.

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Financial Management

Understanding your HPC costs is critical to remain at the forefront of computing innovation.

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Test performance, speed, agility and understand cost. Get maximum productivity at the best value.

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HPC Storage

Understanding the right storage options, optimising storage for you, making sure you are not paying over the top.

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HPC & Cloud Procurement

Managing the complex process for HPC to ensure the right solution is delivered, implemented and working at the right cost.

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The strategic risk to your business from technology has never been higher.

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Managed HPC Support

Oversight, knowledge and skill is applied to ensure the continuity of a reliable HPC solution



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