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Explore the Power of Cloud Computing

Ready to delve into the power of cloud? Experience the benefits of Microsoft Azure for your HPC workloads firsthand with our risk-free trial.

The trial consists of:

  • Your own Azure Cluster : Run up to three workloads on a dedicated cluster, designed and deployed by our experts.
  • Benchmarking and testing : Put your workloads to the test and gather real-world data on performance and scalability.
  • Expert Guidance : Benefit from the support of our highly skilled HPC and Cloud consultants throughout the entire process.
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Why run a Cloud Taster trial?

We understand that moving HPC to the Cloud, or as part of a hybrid model, can be a daunting task with many unknowns. A Cloud Taster Trial therefore:

  • Provides a ‘proof of concept’ that can help mitigate concerns and determine whether cloud HPC is right for your organisation
  • Delivers benchmarks to inform predicted benefits which in turn can help form part of the wider business case for adoption
  • Identifies cost estimates for each run, giving you a clear picture of running HPC workloads in Azure.

Transparency is our promise. We focus on facts and outcomes, not hype, to help identify if Cloud is right for your organisation.

How a Cloud Taster Trial works

There are 4 key phases in a Cloud Taster trial. Each will be conducted in partnership with you, by a highly skilled, accredited HPC and Cloud Computing Technical Consultant. 


Prerequisite Checks & Fact Finding
  • We ensure you have the basics in place for a successful Azure deployment. 
  • We define clear project goals, success metrics, and responsibilities. 
  • We identify and address any potential pre-deployment requirements. 


Cluster Deployment (the Build)
  • Our team deploys a self-contained CycleCloud HPC environment specifically for your trial. 
  • We leverage standardized scripts and templates for a smooth and efficient build process. 
  • The cluster resides within your Azure subscription, granting you full control. 


Workflows & Benchmarking
  • You run your pre-defined workflows directly on the cluster with our ongoing support. 
  • We recommend a two-week testing period to gather comprehensive data. 
  • This hands-on experience allows you to assess the cloud HPC workflow firsthand. 


Results Review & Project Acceptance
  • We assist you in interpreting the benchmarking results and workflow performance data.
  • We guide you in leveraging these insights to build a strategic HPC business case.
  • We answer key questions:

The Cloud Cluster Trial costs £9000 + VAT and includes:  

4.5 days of dedicated consultancy time 

Completion of the above four tasks on a stand-alone Microsoft Azure cluster 

By the project’s end, you’ll have concrete data to inform your decision.  

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With unparalleled experience in deploying major, multi-million-pound systems worldwide, Red Oak Consulting stands as a leader in the field.

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