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Here at Red Oak Consulting, we know from experience that undertaking a HPC procurement can be both time consuming and, in some cases, a challenge.  We recognise the pain points and over the years have experienced each and every one.  The cost surrounding a HPC procurement is of significance and can range from thousands to multi millions of pounds, depending on size and complexity.  And that is just for the cost of the service and if on-premise the hardware “tin”.  But what about the cost to your business if the HPC procurement continues to fall behind, or once bought, the service fails or doesn’t meet the requirements of your business, that too can be costly and damaging to your business?

Red Oak Consulting knows exactly how crucial getting the purchase of HPC is.  As a business we have undertaken more than 30 HPC procurements ranging from £100k to £45 million pounds.  We understand the complexities, the detail, the pitfalls but more importantly we understand High-Performance Computing.  Our team of consultants continue to support customers making sure they get value for money and the quality of service they are looking for.  Our involvement also means the procurement of HPC is concluded on time and within budget.

Our level of interaction can be as prescribed as you require.  We know one size does not fit all and everybody is at a different stage in there HPC experience and confidence.  Whether you would like us to undertake the whole procurement from start to go live or just be on hand to offer support and guidance where needed, we are there to support you and your business.  Detailed below are just a few examples of how Red Oak Consulting can assist your business with any HPC procurement exercise.

Services we are able to offer;

Review of RFT Documentation

Red Oak Consulting will review the RFT documentation before it is issued and sent to vendors.  We will ensure all the key components are detailed and the right questions are asked to all of the vendors.  We will advise of any potential gaps and ensure those gaps are filled so you can feel confident the right questions are being asked for your investment.

Review of RFT Documentation and Vendor Responses

Red Oak Consulting can conduct a final review of the RFT documentation as mentioned above plus in addition, we will review the responses from the vendors.  Upon receipt of responses we will work with you to help score the responses,  rate the vendors according to their answers and assist you in making the decision on who you would like to invite back to next stage of the procurement process.

Procurement Vendor Meetings

Red Oak Consulting can support you when sitting in on the face-to-face meetings with those vendors who have been shortlisted for stage 2 of the procurement process.  Those meetings with vendors are key as it is the opportunity to dive deep into capability, service delivery and service levels.  We would be able to assist with the questioning, having undertaken numerous procurement projects.  We have the knowledge to ask those all-important questions which you may not think would be relevant.  We would be looking for commitment that all critical areas, such as timeframes, processes, procedures, SLA’s and guarantees for a successful HPC machine being commissioned for on-premise usage would be delivered.

Provision of Development Technical Statement & Requirement

Red Oak Consulting will provide you with the relevant documentation required for a successful procurement.  This detail will include, a list of questions covering all the key areas required when meeting with vendors.

Acceptance Testing – FAT’s and UAT

Red Oak Consulting’s consultants have unrivalled experience in HPC testing.  Whether it is data centre, on-premise or cloud we have the skill and knowledge to ensure every aspect of the testing is conducted to the highest of standards.  We will report on any issues, gaps and bugs managing the vendor in the delivery of resolution.  Once fixed, we again, will conduct the testing to ensure all fixes have met the requirements and are successful.  We are experts in conducting both Factory Acceptance Testing and or User Acceptance Testing.

Full Procurement Support

Red Oak Consulting is able to provide dedicated resource to work alongside your business to support you in the full conduct of procuring HPC, whether it be on-premise or via the cloud.  Our team will emerge themselves into your business working with you.  Our support will commence with the initial writing of RFT and every stage after that.  We will be working with you all the way through until the end solution is implemented and gone live.

Adhoc Specialist Support

Alternatively, we can just be on hand to support and guide you as and when you feel our expertise is warranted and would deliver that extra value to your business.    As a business, you will advise the number of consultancy days you would like to purchase, and our team will work with you as and when required for those number of days.  We will offer guidance and reassurance, giving you peace of mind throughout the course of the procurement exercise.