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All organisations face ever-evolving risk from cyber activities. As technological innovation enables organisations to secure business advantage, it also increases the risks to organisations from cybercrime. Data integrity, data protection, confidentiality, denial of service, service availability, these are just some of the impacts that cybercrime can have on a business.  Above all, time, money, reputation and credibility are all at stake and can be severely compromised.

  • Are you compliant with your legal obligation to keep data secure, including GDPR?
  • Would you recognize and know how to respond to a security breach?
  • Do you understand the risks your business faces and the impact of a cyber-attack?
  • Are your security measures designed from users upwards and are they adequate?
  • How do you decide what gives you the best investment in better security?

Red Oak are the consultants you can rely on. We have a proven track record in helping customers manage complex risks, handle stakeholder engagement and deliver in change management, both effectively and efficiently. We know the importance of understanding risk. We know the consequences and devastation that a cyber-attack can cause. So, at Red Oak we believe in looking at things in a different way. We believe that cyber security is not just about technology, but about people, communication and managing risk.

We do not work with a prepared solution or promote a specific product. Instead we work with each customer on an individual basis, looking at their context and objectives whilst establishing what is critical for their business to operate and succeed. Our advice does not assume that the customer needs expensive technological solutions or that they need more or complicated security. Our advice is tailored to be relevant and appropriate to give management the right information to make an informed decision on what to do next.

We offer cyber security consultancy to support your business

  • Risk Profile and Vulnerability Assessment, Security Audit, Threat Trends, Recovery Plans, Training, Best Practice and Policy and Procedure Advice, Risk Management Techniques, Relationship Management, Secure Solutions Advice.

Understanding cyber security can be challenging and identifying the risks and how to address them can be even harder. As a consultancy with specialist knowledge and expertise, we can work in a trusted partnership with you to establish effective risk management plans and help you understand the true impact of the threats your business faces and how to target investment effectively.