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Parliamentary Review

Red Oak Consulting was invited to appear in the 2018 edition of The Parliamentary Review. This publication showcases the organisation’s best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector, in particular to leading policymakers/executives within the technology industry.

The key idea was to demonstrate how determined leadership and innovative thinking can turn around organisations or highlight how organisations/individuals have become outstanding leaders in their field. The contributors thus act as a template for reform.  There are separate versions of the Review all of which are based on key policy areas; e.g. Healthcare, Education, Finance etc.

The Review’s format consisted of two impartial summaries of the year. One on technology (by Dave Lee, the BBC’s Technology Correspondent) and one on Westminster (by the BBC’s Parliamentary Correspondent Mark D’Arcy) with a number of contributing articles from leading executives.

The 2018 Technology Review was sent out to over 35,000 leading policymakers including MPs, Members of the House of Lords, Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Chief Technology Officers, Executives at Government Agencies, as well as the technology arm of leading organisations within Finance, Transport, Manufacturing, and key figures at organisations specifically relevant to each of our representatives – as well as organisations specifically relevant to each of our representatives. The total distribution across all policy areas is 250,000.

As one of the industries reputable experts in the niche sector of HPC and Cloud Computing we were delighted to be offered this opportunity and give our thoughts on the world of HPC and the possible changes which lay ahead.

Parliamentary review
Parliament Exterior
Parliamentary review
Parliamentary review document
Parliamentary review document
Parliamentary review


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