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Advancing Research Innovation through Expert Engineering and Operational Support

Enhance your research capabilities with our expertly managed, technology-driven Research Engineering and Research Operations (ResOps) services:

  • Fully Managed Research Solutions: End-to-end infrastructure management with the latest advancements in research and cloud engineering. 
  • Customised Project Support: Tailored expertise for unique project needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.  
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Expertise: Proficient in Cloud Infrastructure, HPC, scalable storage, and AI to handle complex research demands. 
  • Dual Expertise in Engineering and Research: Bridging IT operations and scientific research to deliver integrated, innovative solutions.
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Bridging the Divide Between IT Operations and Research

Red Oak Consulting understand the unique challenges faced by research organisations in managing and optimising their IT and research operations. To tackle these challenges, we provide a comprehensive range of Research Engineering (RE), Research Software Engineering (RSE) and Research Operations (ResOps) services, designed to provide robust support across all phases of your research projects, from initial setup to ongoing management and optimisation.

Outsourced Research
Engineering Team

Through our Managed Services division (ROMS), We offer the ability to fully outsource your research engineering needs. Our team of experts provides end-to-end management of your research infrastructure, ensuring that your projects are supported by the latest technological advancements and best practices in research and cloud engineering.

Per-Project Support
and Consultancy

For projects requiring specific technical expertise or additional resources, we provide tailored support and consultancy. Whether it's designing a new cloud infrastructure, optimising existing operations, or integrating AI into your research, our bespoke solutions are designed to meet the unique demands of each project.

Experienced in
Advanced Technology Domains

Our expertise spans crucial areas such as Cloud Infrastructure, High-Performance Computing (HPC), scalable storage solutions, and Artificial Intelligence. These capabilities enable us to handle complex data-intensive tasks, accelerate computations, and enhance data analysis processes.

Dual Background in
Cloud Engineering and Research

Our team’s proficiency across state-of-the-art cloud technologies and high-end computing environments allows us to deliver solutions that are not only robust but also scalable, secure and future-proofed.


Our team has a dual background in both cloud engineering and scientific research, providing us with unique insights into the needs and challenges of research teams.

Collaborative Approach
to Research Operations

We believe in working closely with your researchers to ensure that the technology solutions we provide genuinely enhance research outcomes. Our collaborative approach helps in building and maintaining robust research relationships that not only meet but exceed the demands of modern research challenges.

Why Partner with Red Oak Consulting?

Choosing Red Oak Consulting means partnering with a firm that truly understands the world of Research.

Explore Our Range of HPC Consultancy Services

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Strategy & Planning

Develop an HPC strategy that meets the current and future needs of all users and includes securing funding for a sustainable solution.

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Managing the complex process of HPC technical specifications, as in-depth as required, to deliver the right solution, on time and in budget.

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Reduce downtime, mitigate risk, improve performance and ensure reliability to enhance business productivity.

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Expansion & Optimisation

Understand your workflows, the ratio of computational intensity vs data intensity, test performance, speed, agility, whilst analysing all HPC costs to understand its true value.

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Maintenance & Support

Boost productivity with our HPC Cloud Computing services, including expert support, system management and research engineering.

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Cloud Consultancy

Understand the value of cloud computing for both businesses and users through enhanced capability, workload optimisation, and increased productivity.

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Unlock the full potential of HPC for life-changing discoveries in healthcare and life sciences. Get in touch to discover how our expertise can empower your research team and accelerate your path to medical breakthroughs.

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