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High-Performance Computing Fuelling Academic Discovery

Drive ground-breaking research and elevate your academic standing through advanced Research Computing and Engineering technology.

Driving Future Innovation in Higher Education with HPC Expertise

Red Oak Consulting, the UK’s leading High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Research Computing consultancy, is dedicated to propelling academic research and innovation. Offering unparalleled expertise to tailor HPC solutions that empower your faculty and students to push the boundaries of knowledge.

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Facilitating Multidisciplinary Research

HPC is utilised across diverse disciplines, spanning from physics and chemistry to economics and social sciences. Its unparalleled computational power accelerates complex simulations, data analysis, and modelling tasks, fostering groundbreaking discoveries and interdisciplinary collaborations. 

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Secure Data Management

In research areas such as medicine, where sensitive information is involved, secure data management is paramount. Our HPC solutions ensure robust data security protocols, enabling researchers to access and analyse sensitive data with confidence while adhering to stringent privacy regulations. 

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Enabling Blue Sky Research

Universities serve as hubs for blue sky research, exploring ideas with no immediate practical application but with immense potential for future innovation. HPC expedites the exploration of these uncharted territories, laying the groundwork for transformative breakthroughs that shape our collective future.

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Trusted Research Environments (TRE’s)

Unlock the potential of sensitive data-driven research with expertly designed Trusted Research Environment’s (TRE’s). By integrating high quality, data management, robust security and enhanced privacy, TRE’s can advance your research beyond expectation.

The Impact of HPC on Academia and Industry

Accelerated Learning and Skill Development

By integrating HPC into educational curricula, students gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology, preparing them for careers in academia, industry, and research, promoting faster fruition of ideas.

Trusted Research Environment

Trusted Research Environment Advance healthcare discovery through a safe and secure environment without risk to private data safeguarding public confidence.

Bridging Academia and Industry

The synergy between academic research and industrial applications is strengthened through HPC. Students equipped with HPC expertise seamlessly transition into industry roles, driving innovation and competitiveness in various sectors.

The Consequences of Poor HPC Procurement and Management

Hindered Research and Innovation

Inadequate procurement and mismanagement of HPC resources can significantly impede research progress, leading to delays in discoveries and missed opportunities for funding. Our consultancy mitigates these risks by providing comprehensive HPC procurement and management services, ensuring seamless operation and optimal performance.

Impact on Institutional Reputation and Attractiveness

A poorly managed HPC infrastructure reflects negatively on the institution's reputation, deterring prospective students and talented researchers. Moreover, inefficient utilisation of resources results in unnecessary spending overheads, further undermining the institution's financial sustainability and competitiveness.

Why Choose Red Oak Consulting for Your University's HPC and Research Computing Needs?

Benefits of Utilising HPC in Higher Education

Breakthrough Research

HPC empowers researchers to tackle complex problems in various fields, from climate modelling to drug discovery, leading to groundbreaking discoveries.

Increased Collaboration

Foster collaborative research across disciplines by providing a centralised HPC platform that facilitates data sharing and joint projects.

Competitive Advantage for Your Institution

Attract leading researchers and students by providing access to state-of-the-art HPC infrastructure.

Improved Research Grant Success

Increase the competitiveness of your research grant proposals by highlighting the advanced computational resources available at your institution.

Explore Our Range of HPC Consultancy Services

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Strategy & Planning

Develop an HPC strategy that meets the current and future needs of all users and includes securing funding for a sustainable solution.

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Managing the complex process of HPC technical specifications, as in-depth as required, to deliver the right solution, on time and in budget.

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Reduce downtime, mitigate risk, improve performance and ensure reliability to enhance business productivity.

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Expansion & Optimisation

Understand your workflows, the ratio of computational intensity vs data intensity, test performance, speed, agility, whilst analysing all HPC costs to understand its true value.

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Maintenance & Support

Boost productivity with our HPC Cloud Computing services, including expert support, system management and research engineering.

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Cloud Consultancy

Understand the value of cloud computing for both businesses and users through enhanced capability, workload optimisation, and increased productivity.

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