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This page has been created to share whitepapers published by Red Oak Consulting.

How to Migrate HPC environments to Microsoft Azure

In 2020 Microsoft Azure launched its very first HPC & AI Collaboration Centre program.  The program was established to educate on specific HPC areas in collaboration with key Microsoft partners.  We are proud to say Red Oak Consulting is one of those partners.

Through the Microsoft Centre of Excellence program, supported by Intel, Red Oak Consulting produced three white papers on how to deploy HPC environments to the Microsoft Azure cloud service.

The three whitepapers focus on the whole journey: from the initial planning stages, right through to full deployment of a production-ready system.  Having completed an unrivalled number of HPC Cloud projects, the content of the whitepapers reflects our recommendations for best practice based on the lessons learnt from all the experience gained over the last few years.

Whilst the content of the whitepapers is applicable to any customer, in any industry, please note we have paid particular attention to the higher education and research-based community.  We focus on the Azure CycleCloud HPC orchestration and management service. CycleCloud, when setup appropriately, allows the creation of a familiar HPC system interface for users which mirrors that of a typical higher education based HPC environment.

In addition to three white papers, we have also produced three video tutorials allowing you to tangibly visualise the process on how to deploy a HPC environment on Microsoft Azure using Azure CycleCloud.

Whitepaper One: From requirement to proof of concept, preparing for HPC and research computing in the Azure Cloud

The first white paper considers the prerequisites and readiness requirements to get started with the cloud migration journey. Click here to download.

Whitepaper Two: Building and running a Proof of Concept in the Azure Cloud

The second white paper discusses how to create a simple proof of concept (PoC) HPC environment on Microsoft Azure to gauge the performance of HPC workflows in the Cloud. Click here to download.

Whitepaper Three: Considerations for the migration of a HPC environment to the Azure Cloud

This final white paper explores in detail important points to bear in mind when considering a production-level migration of a HPC environment to Microsoft Azure. Click here to download.