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What happens to your IT practices when you spin up an HPC cluster, in an hour?

    Red Oak Consulting successfully held its latest HPC in the Cloud webinar on 8th December 2021.  Held, in partnership with Microsoft and Intel we talked about the ease of spinning up an HPC cluster, in the cloud. and the implications to your IT practices.   Pictured below are a few captions from the webinar … Read more

A veritable smorgasbord

Red Oak Consulting

No this isn’t about the song from Charlotte’s Web or the Scandinavian predilection for open sandwiches, it’s about the newfound choice in the HPC CPU market. For the first time since AMD’s ill-fated launch of Bulldozer (their successor to Opteron) the answer to the question, ‘Which CPU will be in my next HPC system?’ doesn’t … Read more