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Red Oak Consulting at SC17

For those of us who are also delivering content at SC17, we’ve already been busy with the business of submitting slides to the selection committees and generally ensuring that things will run as smoothly as they can, given the general mayhem levels that ensue during show week! Tutorials and Panel sessions As usual there’s lots … Read more

Will the public cloud critically wound the top tier HPC market and their customers?

Much of the current HPC community is behaving, excuse the gross stereotyping, a little like a dinosaur, wondering what that large red fireball in the sky is. Why? Look at the steady growth of public cloud adoption. Now consider the inevitable improvement in technical capabilities and the volume pricing that large cloud vendors can offer, … Read more

HPC and Cloud seminar

Red Oak Consulting

On the 13th September 2017 Red Oak Consulting held their first customer seminar focused on HPC and Cloud –  Where does your business stand?  We had a number of guest speakers from within and around the industry speaking and a great selection of delegates attended.  The day was a great success, generating lots of debates … Read more

A veritable smorgasbord

Red Oak Consulting

No this isn’t about the song from Charlotte’s Web or the Scandinavian predilection for open sandwiches, it’s about the newfound choice in the HPC CPU market. For the first time since AMD’s ill-fated launch of Bulldozer (their successor to Opteron) the answer to the question, ‘Which CPU will be in my next HPC system?’ doesn’t … Read more