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Red Oak Consulting at SC17

For those of us who are also delivering content at SC17, we’ve already been busy with the business of submitting slides to the selection committees and generally ensuring that things will run as smoothly as they can, given the general mayhem levels that ensue during show week!

Tutorials and Panel sessions

As usual there’s lots going on and at SC17 and Red Oak (@redoakHPC) are busier than ever before. Owen Thomas our senior partner, along with Andrew Jones (@hpcnotes) and Terry Hewitt are delivering three tutorials over the course of two days in Denver:

Not only are we delivering tutorials, Red Oak (in the person of me) are moderating a panel session this year too:

Tutorial Sunday 12th (8.30am-12pm) “Essential HPC Finance: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Internal Funding, and Cost-Recovery Models”
Tutorial Sunday 12th (1.30pm-5pm) “Extracting Value from HPC: Business Cases, Planning, and Investment”
Tutorial Monday 13th (8.30am-12pm) “HPC Acquisition and Commissioning”
Panel Friday 17th (8.30am-10am) HPC Software: Is “Cool Stuff” Really Incompatible with Sustainability?

Now, of course I’m biased, but if you have any interest in the process of procuring HPC systems then you must put these tutorials in your SC17 diary. Two have been presented before (at SC13 and SC16) but of course these are the new and improved versions, and the third, on extracting value from HPC, is all new for SC17. Are they any good? Well don’t just take my word for it; Andy Jones has got the scores to prove they are here.

The panel topic is also very timely given the technological flux I think we’re going to experience in the next five years or so and we have a really balanced panel (check out the panellists here) to help stir the debate. Remember without spectators they aren’t half as much fun!

See you in Mile High city!

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