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The Myth of Green HPC

Old servers in an overgrown dark room

Today, we are learning more and more about sustainability, and how this concept is one of the most important when protecting the environment. Often being broken into three core concepts: economic, environmental, and social, more sustainability conversations are being created. Whether it’s in the context of how we go about our everyday lives to what changes … Read more

Tips For Cloud Deployment 

Cloud illustration on top of a city

Streamlining Your Cloud HPC Journey  Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of being involved in several Cloud High-Performance Computer (HPC) cluster deployments. Despite the great variation in designs, which highlights the great flexibility on the Cloud, I have noticed some common roadblocks along the way.   These roadblocks can in the best … Read more

Tips for Cloud HPC Clusters


Deployment and Management from the front line Infrastructure-as-Code  is an inherent advantage of using the cloud. Simply put, this is the ability to describe new infrastructure required for your cloud deployment in your chosen tool eg Bicep, Terraform, Pulumi, or one of the many others, which can then be read and deployed into your environment. … Read more

Diving into Efficiency


The Rise of Warm Water Cooling in Data Centre’s Four months into my new Role at Red Oak Consulting, I have an opportunity to further research liquid cooling. While one of my favourite activities is liquid cooling of the IPA (Indian Pale Ale) kind, a Red Oak blog about beer apparently wasn’t OK! Therefore, I … Read more