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Financial Management


Over the years Red Oak Consulting has been instrumental with many leading organisations in their HPC and Cloud journey. We continue to bring strength to many businesses in this ever-developing world of technology. Red Oak Consulting’s years of experience in deploying major, multi-million-pound systems throughout the UK is unrivalled. Now, with the merging capability of Cloud our experience has expanded cementing our leadership position in this sector.  From technical know- how to building HPC business cases and cost models to proactive stakeholder management.  Our team has built trust and respect across both customers and the industry, ensuring delivery, each, and every time.

Our people remain vital to the key to our success. It is through our people’s expertise, drive for success, and passion for high levels of customer service, that we can bring a deep level of analysis and clear thought in what can be a highly complicated matter. Through the provision of effective communication and data analysis we gain our customer’s trust.  We can recommend solutions which can be brought to senior board level stakeholders in a strategic and efficient manner. We remove the obstacles of handling technological issues and finance issues at the same time.  We understand the need for ongoing value, budget controls and constraints and always remain focused on the bottom line.

Total Cost of Ownership Modelling 

Total Cost of Ownership modelling (TCO) is complex but absolutely, critical when reviewing your HPC.  Whether you are mid-cycle looking at your next procurement or considering the use of Cloud for HPC workflows, understanding the true cost of operation is vital for your business.

Below are just a few areas which will need to be fully understood when reviewing the financial impact of HPC:

On-Premise HPC: Capital cost items, such as Compute and Storage; Capitalised project costs such as Procurement and Installation; Running costs applicable to on-site HPC deployments such as space and electricity; End-of-life/decommissioning costs; and of course Utilisation.

HPC in the Cloud: Running costs applicable to Cloud deployments such as VMs and storage; Capital cost items such as network upgrades and enhanced connectivity, Understanding the requirement of the solution such as what sort of jobs will be run,  how long and of course the level of utilisation of the system.

Red Oak has a proven track record of building true Cost of Ownership models for many leading organisations.  We have also taken our expertise, one step further, and developed a tool which allows realistic comparisons between On-Premise and Cloud scenarios.  Through the utilisation of this tool, the barrier of cost is understood, and the financial concerns are answered.

Our team of experts regularly attend major HPC Industry events, both in the UK and on an International basis;  running tutorial on HPC finance, value, strategy, and total cost of ownership, we truly are leading the way in the complex sector of IT.

Services we are able to offer;

Value & TCO analysis

Red Oak has devised their own unique financial model for predicting the total life time cost of an organisations HPC, which includes both direct and indirect costs. This model has a proven track record of success and continues to bring many companies ongoing financial savings and complete understanding. We can truly advise the complete and accurate costs to your business when it comes to HPC solutions.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Having devised our own cost analysis model our consultants we will be able to work with you to deliver a complete and comprehensive overview on the true costs and the impact to your business.

Board Level Stakeholder and Strategy Management

We are able to provide assistance to senior stakeholders in writing their long term HPC Strategy for their business. This strategy will include current positioning and how to get the desired result in the agreed timeframe.

Business Cases

We are able to work with your teams to gather all the required business and IT facts, analyse cost and analyse benefits to build the right compelling business case which can be presented to enable a more effective understanding and lead to sign off for development.

Technology Surveys

Our consultants will look at the current marketplace, look at both on going and emerging trends enabling them to make accurate predictions for the future centred around HPC use and revenue. As a business, we look at underlining causes within trends and the key drivers including any potential negative factors which could have an impact be it adverse or positive.


Our team will take an idea which a customer has and through their extensive technical knowledge and expertise will build the concept enabling the customer to move forward.

Knowledge Transfer

Red Oak offers customised knowledge transfer opportunities for HPC service managers and executives, particularly focused on topics such as total cost of ownership (TCO), return-on-investment (ROI) and other economic aspects of service provision which are often misunderstood.

Infrastructure Analysis and Strategy Development

Under-estimating the complexity of infrastructure work required to accommodate HPC is a common source of delays and lost opportunity. Whether your HPC service is to fit around existing IT or requires a dedicated data centre, we can advise on how to proceed with a long-term strategy in mind.

“Red Oak made the whole project go smoothly and they understood our expectations. Mark was very friendly and approachable and showed a high level of professionalism. Chris put a lot of effort into the commissioning and it was hugely appreciated.”

Dr Sam Rolland

Senior Lecturer, College of Engineering










“It has been a pleasure working with Red Oak – they are real experts in the field of HPC and consummate professionals too. They have won the trust of key stakeholders by providing quality deliverables which showcase their knowledge and experience.”

Leonard Hulley

Programme Manager Kew

“Owen Thomas is a respected and established persona in the HPC Ecosystem. I’ve known and collaborated with him for many years and am fully convinced of his HPC know-how and insights into the HPC market and impressed by his willingness to support others in building business & R&D&I relationships.”

Guy Lonsdale

CEO Scapos AG