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As the UK’s leading HPC and Cloud consultancy Red Oak Consulting leads the way in all HPC areas.  It is through our expertise and knowledge that we are able to support customers, colleagues and partners in this niche and unique sector of technology.

This page has been created to share our knowledge through various HPC videos.

Building and Benchmarking a HPC Cluster in Azure using the Latest Technology from AMD

In partnership with Microsoft Azure and AMD, Red Oak Consulting is delighted to share with you our second set of educational HPC videos.  In this series we will be showing you how to build a HPC cluster, benchmark popular CFD software, and visualise results using a remote desktop. The video series is supplemented by a whitepaper which delves into further details.

Our team of consultants have written and designed to each video to ensure a clear and precise explanation of the necessary actions you would need to complete to get impressive, successful results.

Video one, presented by Nick Skingle, Managing Consultant, is focused on deploying the HPC resources using an Azure DevOps.

Video two, presented by Manveer Munde, Principal Consultant, will discuss using ReFrame to benchmark OpenFoam and ANSYS LS-DYNA workflows.

Video three, presented by James Page, Technical Consultant, will demonstrate visualising the output of the OpenFOAM and LS-DYNA benchmarks on remote desktops.

Please click on the links to view the videos in full.


Setting up a cloud HPC environment on Microsoft Azure using Azure CycleCloud

Our first video tutorial is focused on how to deploy a HPC environment on Microsoft Azure using the Azure CycleCloud HPC management and orchestration service.

A series of three videos have been created which will allow a user, even with the basic of Microsoft Azure knowledge, to quickly deploy an initial SLURM scheduler-based HPC environment and gain some preliminary usage experience. For more in-depth coverage of the particular aspects of such an HPC environment, please refer to the supplementary whitepapers.

By clicking on each of the three video links below you will see our Senior Consultant, Manveer Munde, taking you through the process step by step.

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