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Workforce Replacement


Finding the right calibre of staff is a key factor for all businesses. The time invested to find that member of staff can be lengthy and at times, all too consuming. But when you need to factor the complexities of a highly niche sector, that challenge can become even greater.

The IT sector of High-Performance Computing is just that, highly niche. The expertise required to navigate the challenges of HPC and to ensure the right solution is delivered from this technology is becoming a rare commodity.

How do you know you have made the right choice. 

How do you know if a candidates skillset aligns with your business’s technical need, ethos and values.

High-Performance Computing for many businesses is a strategic component. The HPC solution is a reliant necessity for business output and research. So, when a service is that critical, that important, it is imperative the right skill and expertise is aligned to the demand. 

HPC experience is acquired over time. Only when you have had exposure to the varying situations and challenges this technology can throw at you, do you gain the right level of skill and insight.  Like with all developing technologies, keeping at the forefront of the industry, takes time, commitment, passion and above all focus.

And it is with these attributes that the team at Red Oak Consulting, are recognised as being the best in their field.

Why take the risk.

Renowned for their professionalism, knowledge, skill and integrity our team of consultants continue to assist customers with all their HPC and Cloud requirements.

Red Oak Consulting supports businesses offering skilled HPC & Cloud Computing workforce replacement.  Our highly skilled specialists remove all recruitment headaches, challenges, and cost. 

Whether you are looking for short term resource to fulfil a specific project, or a level of interim support while your business defines its future strategy or you want to explore the possibility of outsourcing your HPC support function, Red Oak Consulting can deliver.  We guarantee the skill, knowledge and experience your users and business deserve.

We understand that not all businesses are alike, each business is different. What works for one may not work for another. That is why our workforce replacement programme is as individual as your business. We work with you to identify what the best options are for your business are.  We base our recommendation solely on your requirements. We scope out the level of support you require to meet your expectations.  Together we create a job specification to meet your requirements, with no stress or concern. Our team will work with your people, for you, as part of your business, integrating and getting the job done.

If you would like to know more on how we can support your users and your business, then please get in touch: sales@redoakconsulting.co.uk

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