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Once your HPC function has been migrated to the Cloud, what happens next?  This ground-breaking step is only the start of your HPC in the Cloud journey.  Like with all technology maintaining functionality is critical.  It is imperative that the right level of oversight, knowledge and skill is applied to ensure the continuity of a reliable HPC solution.

As the UK’s leading HPC and Cloud Computing experts, our team has been driving success for many businesses.  We help navigate the enormous spectrum of HPC.  Our expert advice and high-quality delivery continues to be the linchpin of success for many companies and institutions, both in the UK and overseas.

Now, we are elevating our expertise to another level.  Taking our knowledge and experience, that one step further, with an on-going HPC service support.  Through our dedicated team of skilled support handlers, we will alleviate those associated technical problems, potential risks, and user niggles.  Why take a chance.  At Red Oak Consulting we are renowned for our skill, professionalism, integrity, and honesty.  It is through our understanding and skill that we can guarantee a level of managed support of demonstrable quality, for all our customers.

Our support team comprises of highly skilled HPC engineers who have taken their deep technical passion and desire to help people to the forefront of everything they do.  With backgrounds in both the academia and corporate sectors as users, engineers, solutions architects, and software support agents, we ensure all our customers have a seamless route to HPC support.  Whether you are looking for user access management support, Cloud infrastructure support or a more in-depth configuration or compiling support, our team of niche HPC experts will resolve your technical problem with professionalism and integrity.

As a business we guarantee fast, efficient, highly effective solution making decisions to all our customers.

To give that extra assurance our HPC Managed Support team have all completed the ITIL Foundation course.  Working within the ITIL framework means our experts follow and execute the most widely adopted guidance on IT service management (ITSM) in the world.

What does Red Oak Consulting Managed Services support look like?

Our offering is structured to cover all aspects of user support, from incident logging to cost and usage analysis. 

HPC User Access Management & Support

Cloud HPC Infrastructure Support

Incident Management: Including HPC scheduler & queue issues, HPC Cluster issues (VMs & Jobs)

Weekly / Monthly Reporting

Access to a self-help knowledge base

Standard Workload Support

Standard Software Support

Automated Installation Package Management

Maintenance of cloud HPC Workloads

Configuration of cloud HPC Workloads

Maintenance middleware (MPI, Compilers, etc)

Deployment of new cloud HPC Workloads

Install user applications (patches, releases)

Configure s/w runtime environments

Installation of bespoke packages

Compiling software / Issues

Replicate User Experience with Sys Admin

Cluster Maintenance/Upgrades

Image management and provisioning

Problem Management – Microsoft Azure

Memory Issues

Our Managed Support Service encompasses three very distinctive areas. Our support not only focuses on the user and their experience, but your overall business too.  We make sure your business continues to get the very best from your HPC in the cloud solution: – Productivity, value, and efficiency.

So, what are these three areas of support which will be performed by Red Oak Managed Services?

HPC System Admin Support

Our team of highly skilled HPC Sys Admin experts will be available to assist and support your HPC users regardless of issue.  All users will have access to professional, efficient support for any HPC reactive situation.  All incident management and troubleshooting will be handled by our team through a ticketing-based access platform.

Business Oriented Reporting

Focus here is to give you the information and data behind the solution.  You will have access to; KPI analysis, cost & budget planning, and ESG reporting.

Cost & Usage Analysis

Understand the cost to your business, identifying areas where money could be saved.  Focus here is to give you the analysis of usage patterns, and implementation planning.

With an enhanced user experience matched with knowledge of the system, our team of experts ensure your HPC solution has never been so effective and efficient.  We will continue to provide guidance and recommendations to meet the needs of your business.  With our support you are guaranteed to get the best productivity, flexibility, and value for both users and the business.

We recognise the level, depth and speed of support required may not be the same for everyone. Therefore, we have structured our service offering into three tiers; Silver, Gold and Platinum.   

Each tier is built on the service level and KPI’s your business requires for response times.  

But our support service doesn’t stop there.  We have introduced a Platinum Plus programme which gives all the managed support including the build of an HPC cluster!

Regardless of what type of HPC managed support your business requires our carefully scoped programmes will ensure you get the very best in technical support.

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