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ROMS Platinum Plus


The Red Oak Consulting Platinum Plus programme has been uniquely designed for business’s who have a requirement to run up to five different HPC workflows.

So, whether your business has just identified a need to run HPC in the Cloud or where cloud is required for a specific project or you are just looking to fill a knowledge gap without any worry or undue stress, the Red Oak Consulting Platinum Plus Managed Support Service is exactly what your business needs.

It is a specialist programme for business’s who are requiring a complete end to end service.  From cluster creation through to on-going, managed cloud support fulfilled by Red Oak Consulting.

The first task under the Platinum Plus programme will be the creation and implementation of a working HPC cluster in the cloud.  An outline of what our expert technical team will deliver is detailed below:

Platinum Plus

Initial build of a standalone HPC cluster in the cloud

Support for workflow migration

Testing of environment, remedy action if issues found

Initial user migration including training and support

Provision of scripts to deliver basic monitoring and reporting

Implementation of controls to mitigate exhaustive cost / use through subscriptions, reporting and alert

Tiered storage with default lifecycle policies

Cluster access by secure shell (ssh)

Red Oak to support Yara user (s) with required data migration

Go-live launch of new Azure cluster

Our Managed Support Service encompasses three very distinctive areas. Our support not only focuses on the user and their experience, but your overall business too.  We make sure your business continues to get the very best from your HPC in the cloud solution: – Productivity, value, and efficiency.

So, what are these three areas of support which will be performed by Red Oak Managed Services?

Through our team’s unrivalled HPC Cloud knowledge and expertise, you will get a live HPC cluster with the most effective features for use.

With input from you, the customer, on network and identity and access management, we will deliver a cluster which will be integrated with your current business systems.  We interact fully with your people, encouraging full engagement.

We will design a cluster with core features showing you exactly how critical elements such as storage will work. Once the features and technical specification for acceptance have been approved, Red Oak Consulting will progress to the presentation of the specific tasks which are required to be completed to get the cluster delivered and integrated.

Through this fully consultative interaction we will answer questions, make any necessary amendments to the original design, to ensure what you get, is exactly what your business requires.

Once agreed, we will build, and you will have your very own HPC cluster in the cloud integrated with your existing technology and policies to your specification.

On-going expert Managed Support

Led and managed by our Managing Consultant, Nick Skingle our team of dedicated support handlers, will be on hand to provide fast, effective, HPC in the Cloud Managed Support.  Our support team are all highly skilled HPC engineers who have taken their deep technical passion and their desire to help people to the forefront of everything they do.

The Red Oak Consulting team of support handlers all have extensive experience. With backgrounds in both the academia and corporate sectors either as users, engineers, solutions architects, or software support agents, we guarantee only the best levels of service for all our customers.  In addition, the team have completed the ITIL Foundation course. Working as part of the ITIL framework means our experts follow and execute the most widely adopted guidance on IT service management (ITSM) in the world.

Red Oak Consulting understands the importance of speed when it comes to seeking a solution to a problem. That is why through expert delivery and our expert knowledge we will guarantee the best, most robust and trusted support for all your users.

Presented with an issue we will dig deep and execute a SPEEDY resolution so your people can concentrate on their work, without stress and undue downtime.

We are that confident in our capability that we work to key performance indicators (KPI’s) which will be measured, monitored, and reviewed every quarter with the customer and our senior management team.

Both your business and your users are guaranteed the best the industry has to offer. By partnering with Red Oak as your One-stop-shop for HPC, your HPC solution will perform and deliver beyond expectation, every time.

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