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Our Key People


Owen Thomas

Senior Partner and Co-Founder

Owen has a wealth of experience spanning in excess of 30 years within the world of HPC Technology. Recognised and entrusted throughout the HPC industry Owen has been instrumental on advising strategy, supporting procurements and managing hands on highly technical projects from initiation to completion. Prior to setting up Red Oak Consulting in 2004, Owen worked for a number of large blue-chip organisations across the HPC sector.

Owen has worked both client and supplier side across the commercial, corporate and public sectors and is a distinguished, highly experienced HPC and business expert. Owen has dealt with every type of challenge that a technical project can encompass – contract, financial, risk, personnel, stakeholder management, strategy and quality concerns.

Key attributes include:
Strong communicator, strong stakeholder manager, strong leader, capable of mitigating roadblocks, independent, knowledgeable, approachable and an innovator

Angela Chadwick


Angela has a wealth of both business and financial experience. Having acquired substantial knowledge in the world of HPC, Angela has a strong background in Computing Science.

Having been instrumental in the set-up of Red Oak Consulting in 2004, Angela oversees all financial and regulatory management for the business. As a partner of Red Oak Consulting Angela remains an active member of the team.


Key attributes include:
Strong financial management, strong commercial awareness, strong organisational skills, strong business skills

Fouad Husseini

Senior Consultant

Fouad joined Red Oak Consulting after completing an HPC intensive research post at University College London. Fouad brings with him a highly technical HPC skill set and will provide a broad range of technical consultancy services and expertise. Fouad will work customer side bringing state-of-the-art, leading-edge innovation to our customers as well as implementing the deployment of software solutions. Since joining Red Oak Consulting, Fouad has acquired his Cloud Computing accreditations and is now a fully certified Cloud Solutions Architect.

Prior to joining University College London (UCL) Fouad completed his PHD in Computational Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. Having performed academic research using HPC resource, Fouad is familiar with the complexities of matching both hardware and software to user requirements. His detailed knowledge of chemistry and solid-state physics means that he is well-placed to offer insight into emerging technologies across all sectors including advancing research.


Key Attributes:
Deeply technical, cloud computing, problem solver, creative, ability to work within deadlines, approachable and articulate

Dairsie Latimer

Technical Advisor

Dairsie joined Red Oak in 2010, working as our managing consultant, managing some of our strategic, long term relationships. Having recently taken the position of Technical Advisor, Dairsie is now supporting our development in the world of cloud technology as well as utilising his extreme knowledge across our business. 

Dairsie is a key contributor on delivering solutions and recommendations to our customers, often in the form of studies and reports and he specializes in competitive analysis and system benchmarking. Dairsie has an impeccable and diverse career in IT which includes an early career in computer graphics, micro-architecture and full stack software development; he has over ten years’ specialist experience in the HPC sector. His experience ranges from developing low-level software architectures to a range of accelerators. Dairsie also has the experience to advise on strategy, technology, procurements and technical projects from initiation to completion.

Key Attributes Include:
Innovator, thought leader, experienced, strong communicator, strategic thinker, problem solver

Vasco Gervasi

Senior Consultant

Vasco joined the Red Oak Consulting team in 2019.  Having joined us from Aston Martin, Vasco brings a wealth of experience from within the Manufacturing and Engineering business sectors.  Vasco holds a highly technical HPC skill set and will provide a broad range of technical consultancy services and expertise. Working customer side Vasco will bring state-of-the-art, leading-edge innovation to our customers as well as implementing the deployment of software solutions.  Since joining Red Oak Consulting, Vasco has successfully acquired his Cloud Computing accreditations and is now a fully certified Cloud Solutions Architect.

Prior to joining Aston Martin Vasco worked for Ducati Motor Holding in mainland Europe. After successfully acquiring his Masters in Vehicle Engineering in 2015, his passion for HPC technology and solution solving continued to grow.  Vasco has a strong understanding of programming, scripting, operating systems as well as all analytical problems. To strengthen his passion for technology Vasco has successfully acquired many industry leading certifications covering all aspects of HPC technology. Having run many complex and niche simulation workloads, Vasco is highly familiar with the complexities of HPC and how to achieve the best solution from the technology.


Key Attributes Include:
Problem solving, cloud computing, passion for computers, detail-oriented, adaptability, proactive

Manveer Munde

Technical Consultant

Manveer Munde is the latest member of the Red Oak Consulting HPC Technical team, joining Red Oak Consulting in January 2020. Prior to this Manveer completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Phillips University in Marburg (Germany) and a joint PhD program between UCL in London and A*STAR in Singapore.

Manveer has returned to the UK to progress his career in the HPC and Cloud Technology industry. Manveer has a background in computational and experimental condensed matter physics with a varied background in the use of HPC for quantum chemistry, classical molecular dynamics and microscopy image simulations.

With an excellence in HPC computing Manveer also has an unrivalled track record when it comes to training, the writing and issuing of publications and speaking at renowned international conferences. With great interpersonal skills and an eye for detail coupled with a passion and drive for excellent customer service, Manveer is a great asset to the Red Oak team. Manveer will be working client side supporting customers in the delivery of HPC and Cloud Technology solutions.


Key Attributes Include:
Excellent Communicator, adaptable, passion for new technologies and outstanding organisation skills

Dee Chadwick

Operations Manager

Dee is responsible for delivering Red Oak’s quality assurance programme, working across the business, focussing in particular on international standards and ensuring that quality assurance also delivers business growth for the company.  Dee also oversees all operational delivery working alongside our team of consultants.

Her role includes liaison with customers in relation to operational delivery, feedback, satisfaction and corporate risk and opportunity management. Prior to joining Red Oak in 2012, Dee worked primarily in the education sector.

Key Attributes:
Excellent communicator, excellent attention to detail, people person, great organisational skills

Sylvia Ferguson

Business Consultant

Sylvia Ferguson joined Red Oak Consulting in September 2020.  Sylvia joins us from, our sister company, Red Oak Developments where she has worked for the past 10 years.  Sylvia brings with her a wealth of customer and supplier management experience.  Her previous role consisted of full oversight of supplier management, customer liaison and project management. 

Sylvia will be supporting our Operational team as a Business Consultant and will be responsible for driving Red Oak Consulting in obtaining our ISO27001 accreditation in 2021.  With a proven track record in customer service Sylvia will be working alongside our Operational Manager to ensure the highest levels of quality service and customer satisfaction are maintained.

Key Attributes:
Strong communication, project management, supplier management, people person

Vicki Lockhart

Sales and Marketing Manager

Vicki joined the Red Oak team in April 2017.  Vicki comes from a highly successful sales and marketing background with a career spanning in excess of 25 years within the automotive industry.

Throughout her career Vicki has been instrumental in the strategic development and management of a large number of Global blue-chip organisations both in the UK and on an International level. Vicki’s core responsibilities have also been centred around business development, brand enhancement, revenue enhancement, corporate expansion and growth throughout the years.

Key Attributes:
Excellent communicator, Sales Manager, strong organisational skills, people person, excellent time manager

Sara Buchanan

Finance Officer

Sara joined Red Oak in 2008 after a highly successful and distinguished career in the Diplomatic Service.  As Finance Officer, Sara is responsible for the accurate and timely reporting of company finances and financial systems, whilst delivering regular management accounts to allow for informed business decisions made by partners.

Sara’s role includes liaison with accountants and HMRC.  She also oversees payroll and the administration of HR procedures relating to staff including contracts, benefits and training.

Key Attributes:
Excellent organisational skills, strong communicator
, highly focussed, excellent attention to detail