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"Red Oak does not just ‘do the job’,they are willing to own problems
and find solutions"
Graham Mallin, Programme Manager – Transformation and Efficiency (Technology), Met Office


The world of data processing and storage continues to evolve and whilst in previous years it was traditional On-Premise solutions which dominated, now you have to ask yourself is On Premise the right solution for your businesses future?  If not, what is the alternative?

Cloud technology over recent years has become increasingly more recognizable as a technical solution, and is continuing to grow. However, there still remains an immense amount of unknown with this emerging technical solution.

So where do you turn to get the right answers for your business?

As a market leader in the delivery of HPC and Cloud solutions, we remain an independent resource focused on the individual requirements of our customers. We ensure only the best in class solutions are implemented within your organisation to ensure a robust and sustainable future.

  • Is Cloud the right solution for your business or is it a hybrid approach?
  • Do you know what your business wants to get out of Cloud?
  • Can Cloud handle our diverse and substantial data requirements?
  • Can the Cloud deliver adequate security for your business?

As a partner working alongside your business, Red Oak is able to ask those potentially uneasy questions that your direct employees may find challenging. We will continue to examine and explore until we fully understand and extract the right information required for your business. It is through the knowledge we gain that we are able to convert and implement the right solution for your business.  We are an organisation you can trust, focused on delivering excellence at every stage of your Cloud journey.  Red Oak understands the specialist area of both On Premise and Cloud and continues to work with all customers to deliver the right solution, after all it could be a combination of both.

To strengthen our role within the world of cloud Red Oak Consulting became an Amazon Web Services partner in 2017.

Services we are able to offer;

Cloud Vision and Strategy

Through our consultant’s extensive knowledge of the Cloud we are able to provide assistance to your business in writing your Cloud Vision and Strategy, be it, for the short or long term.  This strategy will include current positioning, a full assessment of the services available and how to get the desired result in the agreed timeframe for your business.

Cloud Suitability of Assets

Our team of experts, through their knowledge and understanding of the cloud market place, will assess where in your business cloud is best suited and which application will deliver your core objectives in the most seamless manner.  Our people will assist in demonstrating the true costs involved allowing you to have all information to allow you to make the right decision for your business’s future.

Cloud Value & TCO Analysis

Red Oak has devised their own unique financial model for aiding the prediction of total life time cost of an organisations Cloud requirement.  This model has a proven track record of success and continues to bring many companies ongoing financial savings and complete understanding.

Board Level Stakeholder and Strategy Management

We are able to provide assistance to senior stakeholders in writing their long-term Cloud Strategy for their business.  This strategy will include current positioning and how to get the desired result in the agreed timeframe.

Requirements Capture

The success of any project relies on the accurate and complete data capture of business requirements from the very beginning.  Red Oak will work with all users across your business to ensure 100% of requirements are captured in a timely and professional manner, whilst elevating any concerns or uncertainty.

Project Management

Our fully qualified team of project managers utilises the Prince 2 project management process.  As a team, we will be responsible for the full management of the project, deliverables, roadblocks and stakeholder management.  Our projects managers will communicate regularly ensuring there is never any unknowns or uncertainties within the project.   Our process enables managing risk from initial stages the earliest time possible. Widely understood, experience has shown that adapting to this process it has a proven record of delivering around 1000 times cheaper to the customer.

Risk Management

Our team of consultants will oversee every aspect of the Cloud transition within your organisation. We will take full responsibility and manage the entire process.  We will ensure minimal disruption to your day to day business activities whilst mitigating any risk.


Cloud, still in its IT infancy, can be complicated purchase and if handled incorrectly could end up costing your business millions.  Our consultants are able to support your business through the entire procurement cycle; from writing the initial ITT to evaluation and then be on hand to ensure a successful and timely implementation.

Transition Management

If you are procuring Cloud for the first time or if your business is moving from traditional HPC to the Cloud your business will have to make some fundamental changes in current process.  Our team of consultants will oversee this transition for you, taking full responsibility and managing the entire process.  We ensure minimal disruption to your day to day business activities whilst mitigating any risk.

Cloud Comparison

With various providers and services associated with Cloud a full and in-depth knowledge of the choices available to you are critical. Our team of consultants will work with you to ensure the right solution is sort for your business. Under-estimating the differences within the cloud could be a source of delays and lost opportunity. We can advise on how best to proceed with a long-term strategy in mind.