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✓ Have your High Performance & Cloud Computing questions answered

✓ Listen to leading industry experts

✓ An opportunity to meet similar minded people, network and build new relationships

✓ Find out where Cloud Computing sits within HPC

✓ Make the right decisions for your technological future

✓ Add value to your organisation with insights from guest speakers

✓ Be the first to know what is new

Guest Speakers Have Included:


How to Leverage High-Performance & Cloud Computing Technology

As one of the UK’s leaders in HPC and Cloud technology, we believe knowledge and experience should be shared. With the world of HPC evolving our seminars are focused solely on this strategic technology. Our seminars have been designed to help individuals and organisations make informed decisions about their technological future.

Set in a sales-free, safe environment, expand your knowledge, push boundaries, disrupt the industry, and forge valuable connections with Red Oak Consulting: the UK’s leading independent High-Performance Computing & Cloud Technology consultancy.

Who should attend

  • Anybody who works or has an interest in both High-Performance Computing and Cloud Computing.
  • Anybody who wants an answer to “Is your business Cloud ready?”
  • Anybody who uses High-Performance Computing for research and work
  • Anybody who wants to understand HPC & Cloud Computing future developments
  • Anybody who wants to listen to real life HPC & Cloud experiences

Seminar Agenda

We guarantee the most prominent, highly publicised topics are addressed at each seminar. To ensure our seminars remain current and of value we vary discussions points and our panel of guest speakers. However, below is an outline of the topics we would generally cover.


  • HPC Strategy & procurement
  • Sustainability and the role HPC must play
  • Research and the critical role of HPC
  • Optimisation – how to get the best from your HPC solution
  • Resource Management and the challenge the industry faces
  • Understand data management & storage within the cloud
  • Understand what your business requires to become Cloud ready
  • Listen to lessons learnt from people who have real life experience of HPC in the Cloud
  • Understand why people are the key to success
  • Learn how to overcome potential roadblocks
  • Understand the full TCO of HPC in the Cloud and why it is so critical to your business
  • Learn about the importance of change management
  • Listen to how Cloud can add value to your business
  • Learn about security in the Cloud

Our HPC & Cloud seminars are hosted in the UK on a national basis. So regardless of where you are based, there will be a seminar held near you. All seminars are free to attend and are hosted in a secure, friendly environment. Full refreshments are provided throughout the day, along with free wi-fi.  All locations are easily accessible by either car or train.

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