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HPC Services

Getting the very best from HPC.  On-Premise or Cloud, understanding capability and differences making HPC work for you


Cloud Services

Our expert guidance covers all areas of cloud migration, deployment, external cloud utilisation, strategy and hybrid cloud.



Test performance, speed, agility and understand cost.  Get maximum productivity at the best value.


HPC Storage

Understanding the right storage options, optimising storage for you, making sure you are not paying over the top.


Cost of Ownership

Analysis of all HPC costs to understand its true value.  Compare HPC solutions On-Premise Vs Cloud.


Financial Management

Understanding your HPC costs is critical to remain at the forefront of computing innovation.


HPC & Cloud Procurement

Managing the complex process for HPC to ensure the right solution is delivered, implemented and working at the right cost.



The strategic risk to your business from technology has never been higher.

Since 2004, Red Oak Consulting has been guiding companies through the complexities of High-Performance Computing.  As the UK’s leading independent high-performance computing consultancy, Red Oak Consulting was established to meet the market need for high quality, independent, specialist advice for HPC.  Our business infrastructure enables us to remain agile, providing fast and effective HPC solutions.  We focus solely on HPC and Cloud solutions. Over the years, Red Oak Consulting has been instrumental in assisting many industry sectors including; academia, research, manufacturing, renewable energy, metrological, weather, government and more on their HPC and Cloud journey.  We are a business you can trust and rely on.  Our commitment is we will always put the customer first.

Our team of highly skilled consultants have spent many years acquiring the skill and discipline vital for the sector of HPC and Cloud Computing.  Fully certified and accredited in the world of Cloud Computing, across all suppliers, our consultants are at the top of their field.  Our team will provide knowledge and expertise in a trustworthy, credible environment to ensure all of your HPC requirements are delivered on time and in budget.

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Our business success has been built on our values: Professionalism, Trust, Integrity, Expertise and the Customer. “As the UK leader in offering HPC and Cloud Computing consultancy, it was acknowledged from the very beginning Red Oak Consulting would be a strategic partner to the university.  The team at Red Oak Consulting, always conducted themselves with professionalism, gaining trust from stakeholders, users, and researchers alike.  Their expertise and knowledge ensured projects went smoothly and to budget.  A mutually respected relationship has been forged and we continue to benefit from a great partnership.” Alex Butler – Chief Digital and Information Officer and Executive Chair of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, University of Bath As a company, Red Oak Consulting’s track record showcases our ability to work in partnership with many organisations, delivering success after success, including:

In excess of 30 HPC procurements in the last 10 years ranging from £100k to £45 million pounds

Our business has been instrumental in the delivery of over 100 projects providing insight and expert advice into High Performance Computing Our business has successfully undertaken in excess of 25 Cloud computing projects incorporating HPC migration to the Cloud 

Proven capability of on time delivery for all projects, in excess of 98.9%

We can demonstrate our success and capability through a proven track record of 100% customer retention and customer satisfaction.

What value can Red Oak bring to you?

Our team of leading independent HPC and Cloud specialists will work with your business to ensure all your HPC and Cloud business objectives are met.  We guarantee results and stand by our proven track record of success. Experience has taught us that there are four critical questions in the HPC and Cloud markets that all businesses need to ask and we work tirelessly to ensure you get the answers.

Why are we doing this?

Forming a balanced view of project success and impact is absolutely crucial. At Red Oak, we specialise in working with our customers to understand and quantify the value of activities. Your specialist HPC and Cloud consultant will draw from Red Oak’s wealth of experience, to build two robust cost models: one centred around inclusive cost, and the other focused on benefit and risk models. By collating and forming these two costs models, senior management will be able to make decisions in an “eyes open” fashion.

How and why do projects fail?

Our experience has taught us that by actively and critically observing our activities and those of the wider teams, we can use clear metrics to determine the likely success, or otherwise, of a project. Some of these are in the “make sure you do this before you start any project” category that will be familiar to anyone that has spent any amount of time in delivery. Others are more domain and technology focused, based on hard-earned lessons learnt.

What are the right interventions and when should they be applied?

A rule of thumb is that it is generally 1,000 times cheaper to apply an intervention at the front of a project than to try to fix the issue at the end of the life cycle. In some cases, however, it can be 10,000 or even 100,000 times more expensive. The Red Oak methodology is based upon merging our body of critical success factors with a critical assessment of the project deliverability and risk assessments to provide clear actionable points.

What can go wrong?

We all intellectually understand risk and the value of  insurance; however, in order to properly manage risk and its impact on our deliveries, we need to embrace risk and uncertainty in our methodology and assessment plans. By approaching projects with more of a mind towards risk management than delivery-at-all-costs, Red Oak repeatedly bring projects in earlier, on budget, and at a higher quality. This change of perspective is subtle, but profound in it’s impact.


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