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Leaving behind the unprecedented year of 2020, for most, could not come soon enough.  Whilst 2021 has taken time to get started, now we look to the future with hope and positivity.

Red Oak Consulting believes 2021 will be a grand year for High-Performance Computing.  Now more than ever the value of HPC has been recognised throughout, as if there was ever any any doubt anyway!  Having a sustainable solution, one that can be flexed around the needs of a business and one which can adapt in times of uncertainty is now more valuable than ever before.  If there is one thing 2020 has shown us, it is that HPC is a fundamental core requirement for most businesses and one they cannot be without.

This year expect to see more development, more enhancement to deliver the ultimate in HPC solutions.  With Cloud Computing emerging more and more with capability and functionality, we believe now is the time to review all HPC provision. Our focus will be to continue the work we have started; working with customers to ensure they continue to get the very best from HPC. As a business, we continue to expand our experience in the area of operating HPC in the Cloud.  We will continue to lead the way in HPC migration to the Cloud whilst continuing to help customers who are at the very start of their HPC journey.  Our knowledge on HPC in Cloud remains unrivalled.

We are proud to say that as a business we continue to grow.  The expansion of the Technical team has led to a new Principal Consultant being appointed and the appointment of a new Business Consultant. To find out more about the team please go to https://www.redoakconsulting.co.uk/our-people/

Our accreditations as a business increase ensuring each of our consultants are all Cloud Architects in either Azure or Google. No matter what the outlook for 2021 holds, we guarantee Red Oak Consulting, will continue to lead the way in HPC and Cloud Computing expertise.  We will continue to focus on our customers, ensuring objectives are met, productivity is increased and value remains at the forefront of all HPC solutions.

Meet The Team

From left to right: Fouad Husseini, Vasco Gervasi, Manveer Munde, Dairsie Latimer, Nick Skingle and Sylvie Ferguson!

Our consultants are fully certified Cloud Architects and Azure Security Engineers.


Our expertise doesn’t stop there! Our team also consists of a Google Cloud certified Cloud Engineer

The transition from HPC On-Premise to Cloud can be daunting.  On the 2nd December 2020 we held our latest HPC webinar.  Supported by Microsoft we focused on the Transition of HPC to the Cloud.  We gave the attendees insight to what we have learnt, what success could look like, what to overcome and what pitfalls to avoid. If you were not able to make the webinar, do not worry!  The below link remains live and accessible until June 2021.  Click below to hear what we have to say as well as listening to a customer and Microsoft. https://events1.social27.com/redoak/page/pre-signup To help you on your way below are a few dos and don’ts when reviewing HPC in the Cloud from our specialist team of experts!


* Have a HPC Strategy; * Understand what is important to your organisation and why Cloud may be a benefit; * Make sure you fully understand your applications; * Make sure you understand your data and its management; * Think of storage and the difference between Cloud and On-Premise; * Remember the changes in software licences and act quickly; * Do include the IT non functionals as early on as possible; * Remember you will need time and budget to upskill your IT staff.


* Forget moving HPC to the Cloud is change and change needs managing; * Don’t forget stakeholder engagement; * Don’t forget your users and their requirements; * Don’t forget the reasons for doing this – Value, Productivity, Sustainability; * Don’t forget to leave enough time for porting software and applications; * Don’t forget how critical non-functions will be to a migration; * Don’t forget the requirement for upskilling IT staff. If you have any questions or want to know more then please get in touch with us!

New for 2021:  

Red Oak Consulting working towards ISO27001 Red Oak Consulting goes International!! The Red Oak Consulting Seminars, will return!    

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