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   Meet Our 2020 Technical Team

From left to right: Vasco Gervasi, Fouad Husseini, Manveer Munde and Dairsie Latimer!


Welcome to 2020 and to our team of Technical Consultants.  We are delighted to announce that as a business we continue to grow and therefore we are continuing to expand our team of HPC and Cloud Technical Consultants.  All our consultants have a diverse and extremely impressive portfolio of experience and knowledge in the industry of High Performance Computing, both On-Premise and Cloud.

Our expert team continue to work on a number of HPC projects, working with customers, to deliver the right HPC solution.  Having conducted several HPC projects we have observed several developments which simplify HPC workload migrations. Having undertaken strategy, business case and benchmarking exercises along with leading PoC’s and pilots across a range of academia institutes, industries and workflows, we have first-hand experience.  Our knowledge on HPC in Cloud remains unrivalled.

To find out more about the team please go to https://www.redoakconsulting.co.uk/our-people/

Latest News

Red Oak Consulting acquires Microsoft Azure Partnership status. The number of Red Oak Consulting fully certified Cloud Architect’s keeps on growing!


New for 2020:  

Red Oak Consulting working towards ISO27001
Red Oak Consulting goes International!!

The world of HPC is changing and 2020 will prove no different. With consolidation among the large key suppliers likely to continue and with the evolving development of Cloud Technology 2020 is looking like an exciting year for the industry.

However, with change can come nervousness and a lot of questions!

Below are a few dos and don’ts when reviewing HPC in the Cloud from our specialist team of experts!


* Have a HPC Strategy;
* Understand what is important to your organisation and why Cloud may be a benefit;
* Make sure you fully understand your applications;
* Make sure you understand your data and its management;
* Think of storage and the difference between Cloud and On-Premise;
* Remember the changes in software licences and act quickly;
* Do include the IT non functionals as early on as possible;
* Remember you will need time and budget to upskill your IT staff.


* Forget moving HPC to the Cloud is change and change needs managing;
* Don’t forget stakeholder engagement;
* Don’t forget your users and their requirements;
* Don’t forget the reasons for doing this – Value, Productivity, Sustainability;
* Don’t forget to leave enough time for porting software and applications;
* Don’t forget how critical non-functions will be to a migration;
* Don’t forget the requirement for upskilling IT staff.

If you have any questions or want to know more then please get in touch with us!

HPC in the Cloud seminars are back for 2020!

Following the ongoing success of the Red Oak Consulting seminars on HPC in the Cloud we are delighted to announce we will be holding our next seminar in June 2020. For more information please go to;


As always, we will be joined by some of the industry’s leading organisations who will be guest speaking. Our aim is to share information, answer questions and generate meaningful debate on the topic of
HPC and Cloud technology.  This is NOT a selling forum, this is about the sharing of knowledge and educating in a safe, hassle free environment – with the added benefit of some lovely food, some great hand outs, set what will be a beautiful location.

More information will follow shortly, however, if you would like to register your initial interest please contact Vicki.Lockhart@redoakconsulting.co.uk

Red Oak Consulting continues to expand

WE ARE RECRUITING! We are looking for two more Technical  Consultants to join our highly successful team.  If you are interested in working for a dynamic, growing, customer focused, industry leading organising specialising in HPC & Cloud technology then please get in touch.

To register your interest please send a current CV plus a covering letter to Dee.Chadwick@redoakconsulting.co.uk 


Red Oak Team


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