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Now that 2018 is finally upon us, here at Red Oak Consulting, we are not letting the weather dampen our spirits. We believe 2018 will be an exciting year, full of change, consolidation and diversity. We are going to continue to fully embrace the changes we are expecting to see especially in the world of AI with new hardware being released and the cloud technology continuing to strengthen.

As a business, we ourselves, have a very exciting year ahead of us. It starts on the 1st February when we will be launching our very own YouTube channel!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to research and find in simple, non-technical information on High Performance Computing (HPC) or Cloud computing? Have you noticed that everything out there is so highly technical?  And for those of us who are not that technically minded, it is all very difficult to understand. Sometimes all we want and need is a simple answer to a question that everyone understands!

Well that is where the Red Oak Consulting YouTube channel will come in – We are going to be answering HPC and Cloud questions in an easy to understand manner. We will be sharing our knowledge and expertise in a fun, exciting and unique manner!

We are going to make HPC and Cloud accessible to everyone regardless of technical expertise!

Red Oak Consulting also have the below two events already lined up and confirmed for 2018.

HPC and Big Data
6th February
Victoria Park Plaza, London

Red Oak Consulting will be attending the above conference for the second year running. Our team of consultants will be on hand to answer any question you may have on HPC and or Cloud. If you are planning on attending please come and say hello to us – We have some great hand outs plus we will be holding our very own raffle! As well as exhibiting our Senior Partner, Owen Thomas, will be giving the following presentation;

HPC in the Cloud – Theory and Practice

This presentation is centred around HPC in the Cloud (Theory & Practice). It will cover off those uncertainties and myths relating to the cloud. The costs involved for traditional on Premise and those associated cloud costs and how the two compares. Cloud technology will progress and it is certainly coming to the world of HPC, so we need to understand, plan and be ready. Our aim is to share our knowledge and focus people’s minds on what to look for, what questions to ask and how to get the best solutions. This presentation is to assist with answering questions, generating debate and getting people to focus.

HPC in the Cloud Seminar
May 2018

Following the success of the Red Oak Consulting HPC & Cloud seminar held on the 13th September 2017, we will be holding our second seminar in May 2018. This time we will be heading further north, and the seminar will be held in Sheffield. We will be joined by some of the industry’s leading organisations who will be guest speaking. Our aim is to share information, answer questions and generate meaningful debate on the topic of HPC and Cloud technology. This is not a selling forum, this is about the sharing of knowledge and educating in a safe, hassle free environment – with the added benefit of some lovely food, some great hand outs,  set in a beautiful surrounding!

We would be delighted if you could join us in this free, thought provoking day. If you are interested please get in touch to register your interest by emailing vicki.lockhart@redoakconsulting.co.uk

Watch this space as the year progresses for more exciting news and updates!


The Red Oak Team


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