My First Experience at Super Computing SC23

From the 12th to the 17th of November, in Denver Colorado, the annual Super Computing conference, took place, and it was my first in person experience with the HPC reality outside of Red Oak Consulting.


I only entered the world of High-Performance Computing  a few months ago, and the word that comes up in my head the most thinking about that week is “AMAZED”.



Intel one of the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturers

Progresses In Super Computing

I was amazed by the amount of big tech names present at this event;(Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, and Intel to name a few) and every single one of them had announcements and news regarding their upgrades and their products.

It was the first SC to be back at pre-covid levels
in terms of attendance, and walking around the
show floor was quite a challenge at times, not only
for the amount of people present but every booth
had something to offer and someone to talk to
about their latest progress in HPC.


KAUST SHAHEEN II King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) is a world-leading graduate research university based in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking of people, I was amazed how everyone in this industry is available to share ideas, and, if you are not particularly technical, like me, are more than happy to walk you through more challenging aspects of HPC, not only during conference hours.

Everyone was welcoming, friendly and of course inviting. The days were long, but it was so nice to engage with everybody in an enjoyable environment, especially when it is your first time and you are still learning!

I had daily preshow coffees and after show drinks with people who have been in the industry for decades. Old and new acquaintances of Red Oak , who would speak passionately about their respective area of expertise and were also interested in listening about our developments and goals.

Red Oak Consulting UK's leading HPC SpecialistI was also amazed at how renowned and recognised the brand name of Red Oak Consulting is in the field of HPC when comparing with the global brands, who everybody knows. I have to say I felt very proud to have become part of the Red Oak team. Our co-founder, Owen Thomas, and our Technology Fellow Dairsie Latimer, who supported me whilst at SC23, are something like “HPC gurus”. It is an advantage entering this ever-growing industry with this company.

No Limits on who can use High Performance Computing

Finally, I was amazed by how many fields use HPC: scientific research, universities, media and films, space exploration, advanced simulations, automotive, medicine, clinical trials, AI, machine learning, financial services, and countless others.

The Future is HPC

In this world where more and more computational power is required, High-Performance Computing is a milestone that can allow scientific progress to advance. I will look forward to my next conference, and if we follow Moore’s law, a few months are plenty for more exciting HPC developments to be unveiled. 

Michele Guerrisi
Sales Executive – Red Oak Consulting