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HPC Lifecycle

High-performance computing requires the co-ordination of large numbers of processors, storage hierarchy and complex application and system software.

HPC and its application are Red Oak’s core expertise. We know that the strategy and the management of the HPC lifecycle is often a daunting task. With many years’ experience in HPC procurement and deployment, we have developed processes to remove risk and also add value. Our skills and knowledge allows us to provide our customers with the very best advice and support in all aspects of the HPC lifecycle, from requirements capture to design to decommissioning.


Many organisations recognize that high-performance computing can help them obtain data faster and more accurately than has ever before been possible. However the entry cost to HPC is high, so users who need occasional access to services are turning to HPC in the cloud.

Red Oak is ideally placed to help organisations identify the right strategy to acquire HPC capacity on demand. We have extensive experience of large systems in a variety of business contexts and this gives us a comprehensive understanding of different HPC solutions. Our expert guidance covers in-house cloud deployment, external cloud utilisation as well as combined HPC provision. 

Technology Studies

Computing technology is a rapidly changing field with many competing ideas. Remaining at the forefront of computing innovation is essential for many organisations to continue to effectively deliver their services.

Red Oak works continuously with new technologies. We have a strong track record of exploring and evaluating cutting-edge technology through studies. We can conduct detailed surveys of any particular technology and provide a five year view of their development. We can also perform a comparative study or develop a proof-of-concept demonstration.

Data Centres

Data centres are increasingly fundamental to the operation of many organisations. Modern data centres must deliver high performance whilst being energy efficient and cost effective.

Red Oak has a ten year track record of working with customers who have a wide range of data centre requirements. Our remit can vary from giving advice on both air and water cooling through to advising customers on how best to deploy their systems in an existing data centre. We have also helped customers to specify their requirements for new, energy efficient data centres. And for our customers with the most demanding data centre requirements, we have provided specialist knowledge to prepare design patterns and relocation plans.

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